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I am a Certified Inner Transformational Coach. I help people become the best version of themselves by celebrating who they are and reconnecting them back to their own inner power. I am here to help you transform, not change. And there is a lot of difference between the two!

Introducing you to the AWESOME YOU

That’s what I do. Through a wide variety of modalities and tools, I guide Leaders, Professionals & Coaches go from where they are to where they desire to be – earning fabulously by doing what they love and creating a legacy.

Holistic Transformation is all about working at the intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. I act as a catalyst for people to transform their relationship with themselves and with wealth, so they can open up for receiving MORE and finally manifest their dreams effortlessly. I call it bringing out the REAL you.

You are my legacy

With each of my conversations, whether it is a coaching session, a workshop, a live, an interview or even a sales call, my aim is to contribute to you in a way that leads you in the direction of your dreams. It is my life’s purpose to help you live your purpose in the most glorious expression of yourself.

True, Deep, Lasting transformation is not turning someone into someone they are not, but rather reminding them of who they've always been.

My Life’s Work

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My Story- Straight from my heart

Now that you know so much about me and my work, let me take you through my personal journey – which I’ve tried to encapsulate in this poem I wrote.

The nice girl was me
I loved everyone and everyone loved me
I was happy, they were happy, everything seemed perfect to a T
I loved to see others smile and I thought God had created me to help others.
They were all my brothers and sisters from other mothers.
I was kind, I was strong and what everyone wanted they would get,
I was their go-to person, I was their best bet.
Donning many personas in loving others I immersed myself.
The ‘loving myself’ masks gathered dust on my feelings shelf.
I thought I was wearing many hats and doing multiple tasks,
What I didn’t realize is that it was not hats that I was wearing but many masks.
Suddenly, I realized all my efforts had been wasted, you see, when I thought people were loving me, it was only the masks that they could see.
They didn’t even know the REAL ME.
I didn’t even know the REAL ME
I didn’t even know the REAL ME

So my dear women,
Reconnect with the girl in the mirror,
She’s waiting for you to really love her!
As you nurture her with trust, self-care and attention
She will become happier and it will feel like heaven.
We have to learn to become who we really are
To claim all parts of our self, and become our own shining star!
Wear the hat wear it with elegance and grace
But never ever ever again wear a mask on your face!

How I transformed my Inner World

I decided to throw the masks I was hiding behind.
I took charge of my life, mastered my Inner Energy, my emotions, my stories, I had heard – We see the world not as it is but as we are. But I finally experienced it. As I faced all the decisions and circumstances in my life that I was avoiding, I invested in myself like there was no tomorrow. And I slowly started my journey back to being ME. It was the longest and most challenging journey I have undertaken, but it has been the most rewarding. I didn’t change anything in my outer world. I just changed my inner energy. And with that shift, my outer world completely fell in place.
  • I raised my standards
  • Set Tight Boundaries in relationships
  • Mastered my emotions
  • Changed my beliefs
  • Invested in myself
What I didn’t see then was the universe had put all these struggles in my path to prepare me for my life purpose fulfillment. I had the temperament and attitude to be a great Coach, I gathered the skills and life gave me the strongest experiences.

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