Ignite the spark

Signature Programs

One-on-One Power Coaching

This is a high-touch intensive program which is designed and customized for you- based on your unique challenges. This includes, Emotional Mastery, Shadow Mastery, Authentic Leadership, Deepening your craft & personal & professional Excellence. 

This is for the Brave-Hearted Leaders & Visionary Coaches who wish to change the world.

Ignite Your Spark

Ignite Your Spark is a Foundational Self-Mastery Course.

It includes. Emotional Mastery, Changing the Stories you tell yourself, Changing Societal conditioning, Introduction to Shadow Work & Self-Discovery. It includes 18 videos and 18 workbooks.

Shadow Mastery

An 8 week Group Coaching Program to help you go from underachieving to becoming an unstoppable Leader and Coach and have consistent 5-figure months.
This program will help you bring those dark shadows to consciousness and shine the light of truth on them, so you can finally turn your magnificent dreams and desires into a living, breathing reality.

Coaching Business Accelerator

To help Powerful Visionary Coaches scale their business and amplify their impact in the world by tapping in to their inner wisdom
Learn the secret to make your business super successful with authenticity & magnetism
If you’re ready to step on the 5th gear and accelerate your business to the next level, and master Sales & Marketing, this is for you!
Ideal for: Coaches, Service based entrepreneurs, Soloprenuers, Leaders, Trainers, Therapists, Healers & Consultants

Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story is a 5 day workshop conducted by Alpa Kapadia Teli on the Facebook Group Radiant Women Rise from 16th – 20th February 2021. 400 women participated and gained value from the workshop.
Here are the recordings.
Day 1 – Inner & Outer world connection
Day 2 – Story making machine
Day 3 – Hats & masks
Day 4 – Identify your stories
Day 5 – Rewrite your story

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