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Ever wondered why you feel stuck in your situation, and rather than looking to get out of it, you succumb to it, accepting it as your destiny. Well, destinies can change and a life coach helps you do exactly that, find out how. It is when you decide to take charge of your situation, become aware of your reality, and become responsible for your life, is when you can live the life of your dreams.
Often, we wait for a change in our lives because we believe that our change is an external force. We forget the strength within is an equal force to reckon with. Explore this inner strength with a life coach, because they are trained to bring that out in you. Explore this inner strength which equips you to change your life, and become the decider rather than the submitting to your situation.
“I am stuck!” Is this the most recurring thought in your life – be it in your career, relationship, job, situation or anything else? Face it – the only person who can get you out of this state is YOU, yourself! Want to know how?
When you buy a Mercedes, more than the car itself, it’s the experience you are paying that premium for. It’s the same when you enroll with a coaching program. You are not investing in the coach or the material. You are investing in the transformed person in you you’ll be taking back home!
Our shadow comprises aspects of our personality which were crushed overtime. Find out how working on these shadows can lead to fuller life and bring out our true potential.
Everyone has an authority figure in their lives that impacts them positively or negatively. How often are you surprised to discover your behaviour pattern is a reflection of an authority figure in your life? Do you see a reason to change it – if yes, watch this microlesson from Coach Alpa Kapadia Teli help you discover your identity.
If you want to transform your outer world, you need to work on your inner world. Watch this to find out how the two are connected.
Find out here why this five day challenge is what you have been looking for to break those patterns in your life, and rewrite your story with Alpa Kapadia Teli.
Emotional health is often ignored, till it becomes a bigger issue and starts showing up in every aspect of our life. Here’s a micro lesson by Life Coach Alpa Kapadia Teli to address it.
A person can either be the cause in their life or an effect in their life. What does this really mean? Find out here..
In our work environment, communication is one of the key aspects of achieving an organisational goal, and interpersonal communication plays a very important part here. Find out what we can do to improve on it.
Are you in a toxic relationship? There will always be people that add drama and toxicity to our lives, whether we realize it or not. How do we protect ourselves by drawing healthy boundaries? Find out how Life Coach Alpa Kapadia Teli tells us to deal with it.
Have you thought, how some people effortlessly trample all over your emotions leaving you shattered? It’s because you haven’t set a boundary around yourself. In the absence of a boundary, it becomes easy for them to encroach into your space, ignoring or worse, deciding your invisible boundary. So, don’t let someone else draw your lakshman rekha. YOU set yours – for your own well being and sanity!
Toxic people are like parasites. When they find a weak body, they immediately latch on to it, sucking away its energy, health and happiness. The only way you can keep yourself safe from such people is by making sure that your self esteem is always replenished. Listen to the best elevator pitch on self-love being the best love from India’s leading Transformational coach Alpa.
The Untethered Soul, authored by Michael Alan Singer, is yet another beautiful book and comes highly recommended by Coach Alpa Kapadia. In this book, the author talks about how humans have a tendency to protect themselves from danger, which were formerly physical, and now have become mental. Pick up this book to understand how one can live without these fears.
When can one start thinking of transformation? You may think this is a simple question with a seemingly easy answer. This book, A shift in Being, authored by Leon VanderPol, recommended by Coach Alpa Kapadia ,forces you to think again. Here’s why..
From Alpa’s book recommendations comes yet another marvel, ‘The Forty Rules of Love’, authored by Elif Shafak. This book talks about, When you want a transformation in your life, sometimes, unlearning a few things to learn the new becomes imperative. One can experience this change when they start listening to their instincts. Find out how you can do it.
What is it really that’s stopping you from going ahead and grabbing what you know you deserve? There could be external and internal factors, which you will know of once you see this video.