Ignite the spark

Meet the Ones Who Have Gone Through The Journey of Ignite The Spark

Deepa Mahesh - Life Coach & Founder Poorna Wellbeing

Deepa, founder of Poorna Wellbeing, was able to alchemise those forces within her that were pulling her down and really step into the light and her soul purpose. She was able to integrate her inner and outer world and set up a business aligned to her calling.

Neha Karande - Director, Strategy - Khaitan & Co

Even achievers like Neha can go through a slump. Hear her talk about how the Coaching Workshop with Alpa turned it around for her. Her best investment in life till date

Sudeep Sharma - Dy. General Manager, Human Resources at IMCD India

For many, a very strict upbringing can negatively affect their adult life – professional as well as personal. Happened to Sudeep. Hear him talk about how Alpa’s Shadow Mastery workshop helped him conquer his deepest fears and truly understand himself.

Havovi Patel - Life Coach

Havovi, Coach at Reach for the Stars, found her ability to see results in her business as she alchemised her shadows. She was also able to bring her authentic self to her work, and that made her far more potent as a Coach, Trainer & changemaker.

Ruchika Garg -Psychospiritual Therapist & Coach, Founder of Consciousjiva

Ruchika, a spiritual hypnotherapist, found her inherent worth and was able to raise her charges. She learnt to work on her shadows and deal with triggers as they appeared. Most importantly, she was able to integrate her heart into her work, that made all the difference to the way she did her business.

Shraddha Subramanian - Intuition Expert & Life Coach

Are you a coach experiencing a dip in energy & self worth? Shraddha was…till Alpa’s Coaching & Shadow Mastery workshops happened to her. Today, Shraddha has scaled up drastically as a coach and is in a happy space.

Dr. Sumita Ummat - CEO Let Us Talk

Sumita Ummat, CEO, Let-us-talk raised her standards professionally and personally. She stopped almost all her pro-bono work and is now working with her dream clients in the corporate world as well as across the world. She is in a completely different space and is thriving in her business.

Neeti Salva Nandu - Self Love Coach

Neeti, A Self-Love Coach, felt burnt-out from her Business coaching. She worked with Alpa 1:1 Coaching and Shadow Mastery. She was able to identify her true calling and make the transition and create new offers and programs aligned to her life purpose.

Ignite Your Spark - a workshop that guides women to see themselves as individuals

A woman who stands up for herself stands for the entire womankind. If you aspire to be that woman, who wants to break barriers created by her & others, challenges stereotypes, question her status quo and wants her best version, then Ignite The Spark Workshop is just for you.
I have been a client of Alpa with her 1:1 and shadow mastery coaching programs and I lcan safely say that I have moved mountains in this period of time. Working with Alpa has helped me take leaps in almost every area of my life, be it my career, personal development, mental health and Self Care or my relationships. Some of the biggest changes for me have been about learning to not give away my power to anyone else, accepting myself for who I am including my frailties at a deeper level, feeling much more confident in my skin, not feeling the need to seek external approval and learning to trust and lead with my intuition much more than before.
She walks the talk and wears her heart on her sleeve and I love that about her.
To be able to identify our shadows and transform them has brought more lightness to my life and has been a uniquely amazing experience. Alpa’s ability to provide a safe space made absolute strangers open up about some of their biggest challenges and process them in a transformative manner. My sincere gratitude to Alpa for supporting me for her truly uplifting service, as she continues to greatly and positively impact the lives of so many more leaders.
Pallavi Rao
Women Leadership Coach
THANK YOU ALPA! I recently completed Alpa’s signature Shadow Mastery Program. It has been a transformational experience for me in every way. Alpa is a brilliant and compassionate Facilitator who has done deep inner work to lead an intense, premium Program like this with authenticity and credibility. It is a very well structured Program that allows someone keen on personal transformation to connect with their authentic self and step into their power. What I learnt from Alpa will be very helpful to me in my work as a Strategy Consultant & Leadership Advisor as well as in my personal life too. The ability to recognise, accept and alchemise shadows and stepping into our light is an experience I want everyone to experience first hand. If you’re going through a transition, feeling a block in abundance or just wanting to play as your best self in every area of your life, Shadow Mastery with Alpa is a must do. Exciting breakthroughs await you! Gift yourself the privilege of experiencing them this year. This recommendation comes straight from the heart. When we go through something as powerful as this, it’s just right to share it with the world.
Gratitude Alpa! More power to you and your cohorts.
Shilpa Ajwani
Strategy Consulting
& Leadership Advisory Firm Owner
I entered the Shadow Mastery program with quite a bit of trepidation. Revealing deeply personal thoughts and experiences, sharing space and expressions with an unknown cohort is not my everyday cup of tea.
Alpa led us from the centre and front, unpeeling our layers, helping us to look within ourselves, deeply. All of us came out enriched, definitely lighter in mind and heart and reconnected with our authentic selves.
I'm an international leadership facilitator and Executive Coach. I know it takes tremendous courage to step into the unknown and out of our acclimatised comfort zones. Alpa helped us do exactly that and in the process rediscover ourselves ! As with any introspective journey, the beauty keeps unfolding as one stays in touch and practices lessons learnt. My thanks and gratitude to you Alpa. Keep shining your light for more of our tribe who need this.
Aparna Shekar
ICF Certified Coach
EI & Leadership Trainer
Author - Unspoken Heroines
Hello Alpa! I wanted to just let you know how much you have impacted me and my life in last two plus years that we have connected.
Every time I revisit the recordings in my low phase I go back with more power more joy, yes I do feel y am I not able to get it fully right or get more out of the sessions but then each day is a new challenge and new learning.
May you change and ignite many more lives like mine and give out so much positivity that we have enough light and joy around us and generations get to to experience this. Gratitude and lots of love. 🤗😍
Khushboo Kabra Gupta
Associate Principal
-Client Relations at IIFL Wealth
The Shadow Mastery Program by Ignite the Spark is a life transforming program.
I started consciously working on myself by myself, since the last few years to enhance my already good life and work.
I met Alpa in a women's community and in her Radiant Rise FB community. Always watched her videos and read her posts and was happy to see her taking her work one notch above. What touched me was her absolute transparency, passion in her work, and her mission. Shadow Mastery as a subject always intrigued me. I am a Brand and Creative Strategist, an independent consultant. I have always had it pretty good in life and work. But Shadow Mastery made me feel, what if there is something better? I am ambitious, a go- getter and a believer in ' You can make it happen'. So, I had to take this program! The program is excellent. Period. It takes you through your life journey and makes you understand what shadows are. And how you can work on them to make life better! It makes you aware and I think therein lies the key to unlocking your potential, which only you can unlock.
Alpa is a fantastic catalyst and if you were to choose that one program to unlock your potential, this should be the one! 🙂
Sonali Brahma
Brand and Creative Strategist,
an independent consultant
This program has been an amazing and deeply profound experience. Since the course, I have been able to understand my triggers in a new light, I have been able to alchemize my shadows, have seen shifts in many areas of my life. I have also been able to connect with myself in a way that I could not before. While I still have many shadows, I have the courage and the tools now to continue to work on myself.
I would highly recommend Alpa as well as the shadow mastery course conducted by her. Alpa is an awe-inspiring person and brilliant at what she does. Her feedback is deeply insightful and also gives action items to help you break these patterns. Thank you Alpa, for taking me on this beautiful journey, for your loving presence and guidance, the sacred holding space where we could be just as we were, and meet ourselves without any judgment. Words can't express my gratitude and the value this course has brought to my life.
Thank you so much!
Niharika Anant
Therapist & Counsellor
I asked Alpa to be my coach when I was feeling a void in my life even though I was at a peak in my professional career. My coaching experience with Alpa was very powerful and fulfilling. The space that she created and held for me helped me become aware of my deepest feelings and vulnerabilities. It was a magical space, one that creates lasting transformation. We worked on various personal and professional aspects of my life. She so beautifully and gently led me into discovering my core values and helped me tap onto my own courage and power to act in alignment with my life purpose. this to me is the best gift that I have ever received in my life so far. She is an amazing coach, a lovely person. If you want to transform your life, she will help you do it in the most amazing way!
Meenu Bhatia
Piramal Glass
Each session involved touching upon sections of life that needed to be brought to attention, discussed and acted upon. They have truly helped me achieve a lot of clarity of thought not only to help things move forward, but also to help me shed those barriers which kept me from moving forward. Thank you for helping me set the goals which I used to think about and set for myself but never got around to doing. That push you provided, was much needed. Since the sessions began, I have done so much of what I wanted to do. Thank you for introducing me to the deep breathing techniques and meditation which I often tend to use to center my mind and calm down. Thank you for help me note down my strengths and what I was passionate about and wanted to get out of life. Thank you for taking me on a journey into my future, as how I imagine it to be.
Benny Gupta
QED Capital
I attended Alpa's Shadow Mastery program twice in 2021 - once in January and again in October. The program helped me reconnect with parts of myself that I had disconnected with. It helped me re-ignite self love and start paying attention to my desires and ways of living that made me whole and complete, thus helping me live to my purpose and potential.
Understanding shadows and corresponding light archetypes have made me more aware of my own triggers and then alchemizing them for growth and confidence.
Alpa has done deep work in shadow mastery and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of self, leading to clarity and confidence in living life!
Deepa Chandrasekaran
Coach, Author & Keynote speaker
Career Acceleration Expert
My quest to meet myself was the purpose with which I signed up with Alpa's signature offering of Shadow Mastery program .
My journey with Alpa being my coach, was full of discovering my past patterns and breaking my self-imposed barriers that came in my own way of progress . I saw a shift in the way I use to relate to myself as weak and not good enough to gracefully accepting myself with my strengths and weakness . ' *Rakhi meeting Rakhi ' is a fulfilling achievement. Started embracing my me time at an elevated level, removing self-inflected shadows with the light of self-love and making life shine with its true light is the path I will be constantly on with ,thanks to Alpa
Acknowledge Alpa for holding that space for her coaches to see the unseen path .
Rakhi Lahoti
Director – Mainstream Technologies
The Ignite Your Spark sessions helped me understand that it is not other people, situations, luck, destiny that shapes my life but rather my own beliefs that shape the story of my life. It also helped me understand and identify faulty irrational belief systems I was clinging onto which created consequent negative emotions in me. This shift in perspective helped me feel more empowered and in control of my life and my responses. It also gave me great clarity on my life’s values and purpose. I would recommend this program to all women who are looking for a fresh start on life where you control your own happiness.
Rohini D’Souza
I am a new me today! You guys made my metamorphosis possible in a lockdown…! First of all, this is a safe space coz of which I could open up and share everything which I usually cover up using a happy mask. Most amazing was the thought that I can change the future in fact ONLY I can change my story. Align myself with my true self. It helped me unbecome everything that Is not the real me… so now I can be who I’m really meant to be. This shift in perception and in action was absolutely impossible without the awesome team and the Life altering workshop. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Bhairavi Patil Sawant
The Coaching session I had with Alpa was a wonderful experience. The session was nothing like I have done before, it was unique. I felt completely at ease and comfortable being my real self. The breathing exercise to bring focus and guiding me to reflect from deep within me made a difference. The tools and techniques she used to understand my beliefs, motivations and purpose in life and happiness quotient on eight quadrants helped bring clarity not only to my specific challenge that I am facing but a larger reflection of myself. I loved the visualization of me in the to be state and when we closed our session, I felt more light and confident of being able to overcome my challenge.
AGM – Human Resources, Multi National Company
I have been having coaching sessions with Alpa for the past 6 months. She is a certified professional with excellent coaching skills. Each session with her is always exciting. Her positive approach encourages me to work harder towards my desired goals. As a coach and mentor she guides me to make whatever decisions I want to make. Her analytical skills are outstanding with which she helped me understand the critical issues and asked me the right questions at the appropriate time, so as to enable me to take my own decisions and act. A very warm and charming person, she has encouraged me and been a strong support as a coach in this entire journey of mentoring and coaching.
Rupa Joshi
Mahindra Finance
The bestest thing that happened to me during lockdown is this life transforming workshop. Loved every bit of the process and the way three of you took us through was just commendable. Right from understanding the different stories we tell ourselves to the self-limiting beliefs that hold us down to knowing my true self and culminating in finding my reason of Being – it was an enriching journey which is going to lead to a new Me. I express my gratitude to Alpa Kapadia Teli, Priyanka S Arora and Meenu Bhatia From Radiant Women Rise team – ignite the spark workshop. It was the best best investment I made in myself.
Rupal Desai
"Alpa is magic. She made a complex subject easy, deep, sharp and personal all at the same time. She held the space with the group and was cued into each person at an intimate level. For me, she helped bring to light that which lay hidden deep within. She has helped catalyze a journey of change in a whole new direction. Her authenticity shone through along with her passion for igniting change in each individual. She has been a better friend to me than most, by giving me the nudges that I really need. I walked away knowing that she is in my corner, even in such a short time."
Nitasha Adya
Alpa through her insightful and generous and enlightening coaching sessions, called me out on my limiting belief systems, brought out the radiance in me, helped me bloom and helped me propel forward on my goals. So many people have told me in the last 9 months, you’ve changed so much and exactly 9 months ago Alpa and I connected to create this change in my life.
With great great gratitude Alpa!
Vindina Mitha
Chief Scientist at Council of Geoscience, Port Eliazbeth, South Africa
Alpa has been my coach at a time when I began my entrepreneurial journey. She gave me tools and exercises to understand my strengths and asked me the questions I needed to ask myself to grow and succeed. She held space for me as I sorted out the overwhelm in my life bit by bit. She helped me connect to myself in an uninhibited way, and helped me uncover some startling revelations. Today I'm different, calmer; there’s clarity in my vision and confidence that I can do all that I want. So grateful for her presence
Ramani Jayaram Sharma
The new story of my life I created during the workshop had a few flashes of the old but what did not serve me was out consciously, I feel the story I lived till now and the experiences I lived through has brought me to where I am today and has taught me a-lot. I have realized I am the architect of my own life story which is making me clear myself of lot of self-limiting beliefs by constantly evaluating and removing them from life. Thank you again for this amazing workshop
Deepa Chandwani
"The Shadow Mastery course with Alpa was something I had never imagined. I didn't even know a concept of Shadow existed. Loved the way Alpa took us through the journey of self discovery by digging deep into our past and coming out so light and learning how to handle our emotions. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone wanting to make sense of how they feel and think and react."
Aditi Niraj Jalan
I did the Shadow Mastery course with Alpa. The shadow work has helped me Cut out drama from my life and reignite my inner power Clarity on my goals and dreams It blew apart my self-limiting beliefs Re-ignited in me the courage to think big. I have started offering packages which are 5x-10x of what I used to offer Helped me break free from societal conditioning and become more of who I really am I have become a better coach and I am able to give more to my clients and help them better. I highly recommend Shadow Mastery with Alpa as she holds this space with love for you to encounter your shadows and beautifully helps you get rid of them. Loads of power to you Alpa❤️
Shraddha Subramanian
"I attended Alpa’s Shadow Mastery workshop earlier this year, prompted to do so by her enthusiasm and passion for the topic, and a certain gut feeling that I should be part of it. I loved the entire workshop, it was well structured, delivered in a way which was manageable for those with full time jobs and commitments, and gave really deep insight into the self. Shadow Mastery is a powerful tool which can help create truly transformational change for all of us who are stuck in our endless patterns and living limited lives thanks to our inability to make the shifts we need to achieve our true potential. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do deeper work and benefit from Alpa’s clarity and wisdom. "
Heather Gupta
Alpa was my coach and quintessential career guide as I jumped into the entrepreneurial bandwagon. All my coaching conversations with her were enlightening, nurturing and she helped me find that balance. She introduced me to the power of meditation, and I am reaping huge benefits with incorporating this simple yet powerful practice in my life. She was quick to relate to my questions and understood how she could help me with suggestions and supported me with accurate examples. Sessions with her helped me find answers to deal with possibilities with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Alpa!!
Susmita Sen
Founder Partner, www.mindmatter.in
It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Alpa and I felt truly grateful for the opportunity to talk about things that are close to my heart. Alpa clearly puts a lot of thought and research into her interviews. She has been very generous with her time in Malini’s Girl Tribe too and offered Life Coaching for those desperately in need. Thank you for being such a wonderful energy and such a vibrant and valuable member of the tribe. I will always be grateful
Malini Agarwal
Founder Miss Malini Entertainment.
"I am a doctor, now an aspiring pediatric psychologist, also have some entrepreneurship ideas. I have had my share of tough situations where I felt out of control, where life felt out of control. Those tough times held me back in life and career. As I did the Shadow Mastery program, I have learnt that I don't have to feel that way. Shadow mastery was/is hard. It uncovered many subconscious beliefs I had about myself. Alpa made it easy to understand, accept all thoughts and beliefs and put the learning into practice by keeping it simple. I had many aha and also cringe moments, moments where I discovered my shadows and felt shame, pain around holding those thoughts, beliefs. I made the right choice. I am in a better place and the sense of calm I have developed is the biggest gift. All thanks to the shadow mastery program."
Dr. Kiran Palada
I was first introduced to shadow mastery in a short session when Alpa was a guest speaker for the Association of Mumbai Coaches. The concept intrigued me. I was amazed at the insights I gained in this short session and decided to explore it further with Alpa in a structured coaching session.
It was an eye opening experience for me. I learned so much about myself and my behavior patters. Often times we don’t know why we behave in a certain manner and struggle to break out of a behavior that we know is detrimental to our progress. Thanks to Alpa I can now read into my own behavior, understand my triggers, know how to work on reversing such behaviors and most importantly I’m so much more comfortable & confident in my skin.
I’d strongly recommend Alpa’s program to anyone looking at redirecting the course of their life!
Deepam Yogi
Founder – Yellow Spark
Strategic HR Advisors
Coaching with Alpa has been life changing for me. Our sessions together have greatly helped me discover myself, uncover layers at different levels and especially help heal issues that I wasn’t even aware of.
The high point of our sessions was when we would be discussing the aspect of my life that we were working on in that session, and we would uncover an issue or an aspect that I was not even aware of. You would then smoothly continue the session and guide me through a specific activity that helped me put that issue to rest. – The ease with which you were able to handle all the issues that came up, totally floored me! Making me an equal partner in my growth, helped me build trust and take responsibility. You knew exactly where to push me that little bit more and when to let me be. I am extremely pleased with the results and I wish you all the best in helping people uncover their best potential
Anchor & Producer, Times Influence (ET Now, Times Now, Mirror)
I was lost. The self doubt and confusion was clouding my mind. Something Alpa shared on her social media really resonated with me. I reached out and we reconnected. From this began my coaching journey with her. Alpa has been patient, sensitive, motivating, inspiring, most important of all making me see all my blessings and not giving up my endeavour, which wasn’t sustaining me financially. She supported me as I built my business. We grew into a dependable brand of festive/ wedding accessories, customised favors within a client budget. Alpa guided me, grilled me, made me write down my commitments towards my goals, pushed me to learn, overcome my limitations/ hesitations and made me aware of my self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns. In these sessions I saw an affirmations in my self-belief, my passion, a renewed confidence in my abilities and a feeling that what I was doing was right for me. Today, my mind is clear about where I want to go, taking small but sure steps in the right direction. I owe it all to my coach, Alpa. She is an awesome person and I am sure many people like me will be touched and helped by her. Thanks Alpa for helping me find myself and I am so glad I found you
Ramani Jayaram Sharma
Founder Nirajan Creations
Alpa you are so awesome! (always have been – are now – always will be)! Thank you for helping me make my world a better place.
You are a true credit to the coaching profession .
Peter J Reding
Master Coach, MCC, Founder CoachforLife.
I had the most amazing experience with Alpa. She is diverse, methodical & kind. She met me where I was at and was very encouraging. The follow up was awesome!
Deb DeWilde
We want to express Gratitude to Alpa Kapadia Teli for conducting a session for our parents on “The lessons children come to teach their parents”. The concept of conscious parenting was explained well and supported with examples which parents resonated with immensely. The session was very insightful, interactive and reflective.
Mrs. Shobha Iyer
Principal – Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra East)
Your message totally resonated. You can touch many souls and heal them
Monika Garlyal