Your coaching work will thrive only once you STOP treating it as ‘practice’ and START looking at it as ‘business’!

If you're ready to do that and want your business to boom, then I have the blueprint ready!

Welcome aboard!

Your coaching work will thrive only once you STOP treating it as ‘practice’ and START looking at it as ‘business’!

If you're ready to do that and want your business to boom, then I have the blueprint ready!

Welcome aboard!

But are these thoughts stopping you?


This needs to change…you agree?

Then your answer is staring at you, right now!


Coaching Business Accelerator


A tailor made masterclass followed by a comprehensive 4 month program where YOUR intuition is aligned with YOUR energy and is converted into a successful business strategy for YOU.

The Coaching Business Accelerator Program
will make your coaching business




This programme is for
  • coaches
  • trainers
  • consultants
  • healers
  • therapists

The knowledge bank you’ll walk home with

  • How to make consistent 5 times your current income
  • Identifying your unique methodology
  • Understanding your ideal clients
  • Making your marketing magnetic
  • Strengthening your energetic container
  • Mastering copy, tech & team
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Mastering Sales & Conversions

What makes this program a rewarding investment!

  • 16 group coaching calls over 4 months
  • 4 one on one calls
  • Separate FB group support
  • 3 mindset recalibration calls with an expert
  • Guest Experts – Specialist coaches on copy/tech/mindset work /Social media
  • Unique retreat on Visioning to get clarity on your heart’s desire
  • Lifetime Access to my Intuitive Marketing Modules on LMS (the value of this alone is 2000$)

Bonus : Access to Ignite your Spark Digital Workshop (A program where with the help of proven frameworks, tools and models, you will learn how to decode & master your emotions, reframe your self-limiting beliefs and design your future the way YOU want it)

A glimpse of the Program Breakdown

Rock your genius zone

You may be an expert in 20 modalities, but unless you know how to focus on your absolute zone of genius you’ll end up diluting everything, including your brand which is YOU. So, let’s ace that first.

Know Your Client

You can serve everyone but you cannot market to everyone. Once we help you understand who your ideal clients are and what they want – You can create offers and market to them.

An offer they can’t refuse

Learn the steps and secrets to creating irresistible offers for your clients that are meaningful & mind-blowing. Make it easy for them to say YES. Yes?

Lead with Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Master the art of generating steady leads by putting easy processes and systems in place.

Leads to Sales

60% coaches lose out on good business because they don't have a strong mechanism to convert leads to sales. Want to be in the 40%, don't you?

The art of overcoming objections

Learn the intuitive way to help your prospective clients overcome expansion jitters or low self-confidence… and also convert them into actual clients. Psst: I’ll also be sharing the exact magical words to use with them!

Adopt a premium mindset

Your aim as a coach is to help your client roll in abundance, right? For that, first you need to attract and open yourself to abundance. Let’s learn how.

Money beliefs, revisited

Money follows YOU, not what you do. Learn the steps, processes and cool hacks to develop a money mindset. Because coaching is your business not a philanthropy set-up.

The right team matters

A finger in every pie can spoil your main dish which is coaching! So, put together a kick-ass team and run with it. See how you can build an efficient team and the wonders it can do for your business

Learn the P&P Pillars

Process and Profit pillars
When you decode your process, it gives your clients a roadmap of what to expect when they work with you + It gives you clarity on what offers to create and whom to serve. This piece of strategic work can be a game-changer for your business

Social Media works

It will if you know the best ways to use it to your advantage both professionally as well as personally. That’s its magic. Let’s learn how to unleash it.

The power of Intuition

Your intuition is the shortest & best way to lead you to where you wish to go. Learn the secrets of Intuitive marketing for a natural in-flow of business that I have decoded and will share with you.

At the end of the program..

Join the League of Extraordinary Coaches, who have

  • The blueprint of a sustainable and profitable business
  • Build their own personal vision
  • Set up their business foundation pillars in real-time
  • A winning mindset
  • Ready to rolling in abundance
  • Consistent juicy leads coming in
  • Mastered the sales process
  • Understood Intuitive marketing

But wait! Why take my word for it?

Hear it from people who have unlocked their full potential with this program Video

Shraddha Subramanian - Intuition Expert & Life Coach

Are you a coach experiencing a dip in energy & self worth? Shraddha was…till Alpa’s Coaching & Shadow Mastery workshops happened to her. Today, Shraddha has scaled up drastically as a coach and is in a happy space.

Havovi Patel - Life Coach

Havovi, Coach at Reach for the Stars, found her ability to see results in her business as she alchemised her shadows. She was also able to bring her authentic self to her work, and that made her far more potent as a Coach, Trainer & changemaker.

Dr. Sumita Ummat - CEO Let Us Talk

Sumita Ummat, CEO, Let-us-talk raised her standards professionally and personally. She stopped almost all her pro-bono work and is now working with her dream clients in the corporate world as well as across the world. She is in a completely different space and is thriving in her business.

Neeti Salva Nandu - Self Love Coach

Neeti, A Self-Love Coach, felt burnt-out from her Business coaching. She worked with Alpa 1:1 Coaching and Shadow Mastery. She was able to identify her true calling and make the transition and create new offers and programs aligned to her life purpose.

Ruchika Garg -Psychospiritual Therapist & Coach, Founder of Consciousjiva

Ruchika, a spiritual hypnotherapist, found her inherent worth and was able to raise her charges. She learnt to work on her shadows and deal with triggers as they appeared. Most importantly, she was able to integrate her heart into her work, that made all the difference to the way she did her business.

Why is coach Alpa so special?

Still unsure?

No problem. We have it sorted for you!

This is for you

This is not for you

Hi there! My name is Alpa Kapadia Teli
and I am a Transformational Coach

Through a wide variety of modalities and tools, I guide Leaders and Coaches like you to go from where you are to where you desire to be – earning handsomely by doing what you love and creating a legacy. I offer Holistic Transformation which includes working with you on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. I act as a catalyst to transform your relationship with yourself and wealth so you can open up to abundance and finally manifest your dreams effortlessly. I call it – bringing out the REAL you.

People who have attended the Coaching Business Accelerator Program have experienced a meteoric rise in their business, income, and impact. Their work has never been more fulfilling and rewarding….and they are loving it.

Let this be a new beginning, a new chapter for you.

I know you are ready for it. Let nothing stop you this time.

It’s time you start thinking for YOURSELF, YOUR business, YOUR work, and YOUR life. The moment you do this, the world around will start changing positively for you. I want you to experience that magic with me and here’s my invite!

Your investment

Pay in full – ₹ 4 lacs - ₹ 2 lacs + GST

Payment plan – ₹ 1,00,000 - ₹ 55,000 + GST for 4 months

Early bird pricing till Saturday ₹1,80,000 + GST

Book your Slot by paying ₹20,000 + GST

This is the last time I am offering this program at this price. This price is a special price for you to end the year on a profitable note.
The foundational work we do now will help you grow exponentially in the coming year. Are your ready for  2023 to be your most profitable year yet?

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