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The Ignite Your Spark sessions helped me understand that it is not other people, situations, luck, destiny that shapes my life but rather my own beliefs that shape the story of my life. It also helped me understand and identify faulty irrational belief systems I was clinging onto which created consequent negative emotions in me. This shift in perspective helped me feel more empowered and in control of my life and my responses. It also gave me great clarity on my life’s values and purpose. I would recommend this program to all women who are looking for a fresh start on life where you control your own happiness.

~ Rohini D’Souza

I am a new me today! You guys made my metamorphosis possible in a lockdown…! First of all, this is a safe space coz of which I could open up and share everything which I usually cover up using a happy mask. Most amazing was the thought that I can change the future in fact ONLY I can change my story. Align myself with my true self. It helped me unbecome everything that Is not the real me… so now I can be who I’m really meant to be. This shift in perception and in action was absolutely impossible without the awesome team and the Life altering workshop. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Bhairavi Patil Sawant

The bestest thing that happened to me during lockdown is this life transforming workshop. Loved every bit of the process and the way three of you took us through was just commendable. Right from understanding the different stories we tell ourselves to the self-limiting beliefs that hold us down to knowing my true self and culminating in finding my reason of Being – it was an enriching journey which is going to lead to a new Me. I express my gratitude to Alpa Kapadia Teli, Priyanka S Arora and Meenu Bhatia From Radiant Women Rise team – ignite the spark workshop. It was the best best investment I made in myself.

~ Rupal Desai

"Alpa is magic. She made a complex subject easy, deep, sharp and personal all at the same time. She held the space with the group and was cued into each person at an intimate level. For me, she helped bring to light that which lay hidden deep within. She has helped catalyze a journey of change in a whole new direction. Her authenticity shone through along with her passion for igniting change in each individual. She has been a better friend to me than most, by giving me the nudges that I really need. I walked away knowing that she is in my corner, even in such a short time."

~ Nitasha Adya

The new story of my life I created during the workshop had a few flashes of the old but what did not serve me was out consciously, I feel the story I lived till now and the experiences I lived through has brought me to where I am today and has taught me a-lot. I have realized I am the architect of my own life story which is making me clear myself of lot of self-limiting beliefs by constantly evaluating and removing them from life.  Thank you again for this amazing workshop

~ Deepa Chandwani

"The Shadow Mastery course with Alpa was something I had never imagined. I didn't even know a concept of Shadow existed. Loved the way Alpa took us through the journey of self discovery by digging deep into our past and coming out so light and learning how to handle our emotions. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone wanting to make sense of how they feel and think and react."

~ Aditi Niraj Jalan

"I had the pleasure to work with Alpa on two of her courses “Ignite your Spark” and “Shadow Mastery”. having heard her speak on her own journey I felt compelled to explore the topics that were of interest to me. Alpa is not only a very knowledgeable and deeply experienced coach, she is also an extremely warm hearted individual who has taken her own journey, done her work on herself and so is teaching from a place of deep insight. She is authentic, fun and challenging too but most of all she cares deeply for each of her clients and you can feel she is routing for your success as she supports and encourages you to take positive forward steps fostering growth and success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alpa and her work and wish her ongoing happiness and success in her personal life as well as her business."

~ Corinna Kingston

"I attended Alpa’s Shadow Mastery workshop earlier this year, prompted to do so by her enthusiasm and passion for the topic, and a certain gut feeling that I should be part of it.
I loved the entire workshop, it was well structured, delivered in a way which was manageable for those with full time jobs and commitments, and gave really deep insight into the self. Shadow Mastery is a powerful tool which can help create truly transformational change for all of us who are stuck in our endless patterns and living limited lives thanks to our inability to make the shifts we need to achieve our true potential. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do deeper work and benefit from Alpa’s clarity and wisdom.

~ Heather Gupta

I did the Shadow Mastery course with Alpa. The shadow work has helped me

  • Cut out drama from my life and reignite my inner power
  • Clarity on my goals and dreams
  • It blew apart my self-limiting beliefs
  • Re-ignited in me the courage to think big. I have started offering packages which are 5x-10x of what I used to offer
  • Helped me break free from societal conditioning and become more of who I really am
  • I have become a better coach and I am able to give more to my clients and help them better.

I highly recommend Shadow Mastery with Alpa as she holds this space with love for you to encounter your shadows and beautifully helps you get rid of them. Loads of power to you Alpa❤️

~ Shraddha Subramanian

"I am a doctor, now an aspiring pediatric psychologist, also have some entrepreneurship ideas. I have had my share of tough situations where I felt out of control, where life felt out of control. Those tough times held me back in life and career.
As I did the Shadow Mastery program, I have learnt that I don't have to feel that way.
Shadow mastery was/is hard. It uncovered many subconscious beliefs I had about myself. Alpa made it easy to understand, accept all thoughts and beliefs and put the learning into practice by keeping it simple.
I had many aha and also cringe moments, moments where I discovered my shadows and felt shame, pain around holding those thoughts, beliefs.
I made the right choice. I am in a better place and the sense of calm I have developed is the biggest gift.
All thanks to the shadow mastery program."

~ Dr. Kiran Palada/strong>

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