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I think everyone needs a coach to help us make choices at some important stages in life. We may not always recognize that we need help. I was at one such crossroad in life in 2016. I had given up a job where I wasn't happy, 6 months post joining. Instead of going for another job, I chose to follow my dream of pursuing my creative passion. It was fun and I felt so alive, I was my own boss, enjoyed my early morning coffee, was able to enjoy the home we live in, so many blessings....Good things don't last and my dwindling financial reserves made me take up another too good to be true kind of job offer. I joined a new workplace in 2017, with a lot of enthusiasm but soon realized it wasn't where I wanted to be. I quit again despite advice and admonitions.I refocused my energies back to my passion, trying hard to make it financially viable. Somewhere in course of time, I was lost. The self - doubt and confusion was clouding my mind. I chanced upon this quote on a social media profile which I loved, it was on Alpa's profile."Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that's beautiful to create something that is fake." Steve Maraboli, This quote just touched a chord deep within me. I messaged Alpa that her quote really resonated with me. We connected and since then began my coaching journey with her. Alpa has been patient, sensitive, motivating, inspiring, most important of all making me see all my blessings and not giving up my endeavor, which wasn't sustaining me financially. She supported me as i built up my business. We grew into a dependable brand of festive /wedding accessories, customised favors within a client budget. Alpa guided me, grilled me, made me write down my commitments towards my goal, pushed me to learn, overcome my limitations/ hesitations and made me aware of my self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns.Somewhere along those sessions, I saw an affirmation in my beliefs, my passions, a confidence in my abilities and a feeling that what I was doing was right for me. Today my mind is clear about where I want to go, taking small but sure steps in the right direction. I owe it all to my coach, Alpa. She's an awesome person and I hope that many people like me are touched and helped by her."Limits only exist in your mind", "What good are wings without the courage to fly", "Re-set, Re-adjust, Re-start, Re-focus...... As many times as you need to, to be truly happy."These are some valuable thoughts that I have gathered over my few sessions with coach Alpa.

Thanks Alpa for helping me find myself and I am so glad I found you.


From starting off each session with deep breathing and centering your mind, to touching the various aspects of one’s life which are often neglected, or not focused enough on with a clear mind, these sessions have truly helped me achieve a lot of clarity of thought.Each session involved touching upon sections of life that needed to be bought to attention, discussed and acted upon, not only to help things move forward, but also to help me shed those barriers which kept me from moving forward.Thank you ma’am for helping me set the goals which I used to think about and set for myself but never got around to doing. That push you provided, was much needed. Since the sessions began, I have done so much of what I wanted to do.Thank you for introducing me to the deep breathing techniques and meditation which I often tend to use to center my mind and calm down.Thank you for help me note down my strengths and what I was passionate about and wanted to get out of life.Thank you for taking me on a journey into my future, as how I imagine it to be.Thank you for helping me break a few shells and motivating me to go ahead and achieve the goals I set for myself. Thank you for acknowledging them when I did manage to complete them.Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me and help me, it means a lot to me and I highly appreciate it. BENNY GUPTA SENIOR ANALYST,QED CAPITAL NOVEMBER 7, 2017
Alpa was my Coach and quintessential career guide as I jumped into the entrepreneurial bandwagon, impulsed to ‘do’, at the cost sometimes, of the ‘being’ me. All my coaching conversations with her were enlightening, nurturing and helped me find that balance. She introduced me to the power of meditation, and I am reaping huge benefits with incorporating this simple yet powerful practice in my life. Conversations with her were free flowing. She was quick to relate to my questions and understood how she could help me with suggestions supported with accurate examples. Sessions with her helped me find answers to deal with possibilities with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Alpa!! SUSMITA SEN FOUNDER PARTNER,WWW.MINDMATTER.IN NOVEMBER 7, 2017
I asked Alpa to be my coach when I was feeling a void in my life even though I was at a peak in my professional career. My coaching experience with Alpa was very powerful and fulfilling. The space that she created and held for me helped me become aware of my deepest feelings and vulnerabilities. It was a magical space, one that creates lasting transformation. We worked on various personal and professional aspects of my life. She so beautifully and gently led me into discovering my core values and helped me tap onto my own courage and power to act in alignment with my life purpose. this to me is the best gift that I have ever received in my life so far. She is an amazing coach, a lovely person. If you want to transform your life, she will help you do it in the most amazing way! MEENU BHATIA DGM- HR,PIRAMAL GLASS NOVEMBER 7, 2017

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